How I Finally Found Balance as a New Mom (Spoiler: It took TWO Years)

September 17, 2017
Several months ago I decided to admit something to myself. I grieved a life I no longer had. I mourned the first year of Vivi's life when taking care of her didn't involve a running, screaming little human giving out orders! After Vivi turned one, and I accomplished my goal of breastfeeding (pumping) for a whole year I thought the transition would be easy. After all, I was gaining my body back right? The older they get, the easier it becomes right?

Wrong. This is how year 2 started.

5 Reflections After Hurricane Harvey, How to Help, and Support for Nursing Moms in Distress

September 1, 2017
Disclaimer: I live in the 2nd Ward (East End) neighborhood in Houston, near downtown. We experienced street flooding for several days, but no damage to our house or belongings. This article is not meant to devalue the experience facing those who did experience human or property loss due to Harvey. It is a personal reflection of what I have learned or re-learned about hurricanes, my purpose, and our place in this world.

As a native Houstonian, I have this notion that I "know" hurricanes....

5 Reasons You Should Visit Trinidad, Cuba!

June 12, 2017
From the first time I researched Cuba and discovered Trinidad I knew I had to visit. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It is the African hub for Cuba. I make it a personal mission to research the influences MY ancestors had on places I visit around the world, and through this research, I learned Trinidad was a major port during the slave trade, in part, because several plantations were formed near Trinidad. After the slaves were freed in Cuba, many remained in the area and developed a un...

Havana Beaches

May 5, 2017
The beach is my happy place. It is an endless reminder of the beauty of God and all that he created. The waves, the sand, the sound – I live for it. We were in Cuba for 7 days and we went to the beach four times! Havana itself sits on the coast, but doesn’t have a beach. However, there are two close by (less than 30 minutes), and Varadero (about 2 hours away).

Santa Maria Beach
This beach is less than 30 minutes from Havana. Round trip taxi for all four of us was $40 dollars. Ofte...
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