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Product Review: Natural Mixologist Body Butter and Oil

November 25, 2017
The Backstory
I have been on a journey of balance for the past year. I started with spiritual balance. Moved to physical balance, and now I am focusing on personal self-care of my hair and skin. These are two areas of my life that I neglect. I do...

How I Finally Found Balance as a New Mom (Spoiler: It took TWO Years)

September 17, 2017
Several months ago I decided to admit something to myself. I grieved a life I no longer had. I mourned the first year of Vivi's life when taking care of her didn't involve a running, screaming little human giving out orders! After Vivi turned one, an...

5 Reflections After Hurricane Harvey, How to Help, and Support for Nursing Moms in Distress

September 1, 2017
Disclaimer: I live in the 2nd Ward (East End) neighborhood in Houston, near downtown. We experienced street flooding for several days, but no damage to our house or belongings. This article is not meant to devalue the experience facing those who did...

5 Reasons You Should Visit Trinidad, Cuba!

June 12, 2017
From the first time I researched Cuba and discovered Trinidad I knew I had to visit. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It is the African hub for Cuba. I make it a personal mission to research the influences MY ancestors had on places I visit ...

Havana Beaches

May 5, 2017
The beach is my happy place. It is an endless reminder of the beauty of God and all that he created. The waves, the sand, the sound – I live for it. We were in Cuba for 7 days and we went to the beach four times! Havana itself sits on the coast, bu...

Cuba Part 2: Havana

April 13, 2017
Havana...where do I start. The best way I can describe Havana is New York City without Times Square and Miami with South Beach. Millions of people trying to navigate their country's political system, provide for their family, and find peace with thei...

Cuba Part 1: Flight Deals, Visa Requirements, and Currency Exchange

March 30, 2017
Cuba has always been high on our travel bucket list. The intrigue and mystery surrounding the island and its place in social and political American and international history made it a place we really wanted to see once it became more accessible in 20...

Why Blackish Mom: A Perspective on Intersectionality

February 11, 2017
Many people have asked me why I chose to name my blog The Blackish Mom. Specifically, why the "ish." Much like the hit show that has made the phrase a topic of discussion, the "ish" represents the multiple identities I navigate on a daily basis. The "ish" is for intersectionality.

The "ish" is for my age. I have noticed that many Black millennials, consciously or subconsciously, do not refer to themselves as millennials. Perhaps the term is whitewashed, or the characteristics associated...