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5 Reasons You Should Visit Trinidad, Cuba!
June 12, 2017
From the first time I researched Cuba and discovered Trinidad I knew I had to visit. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It is the African hub for Cuba. I make it a personal mission to research the influences MY ancestors had on places I visit around the world, and through this research, I learned Trinidad was a major port during the slave trade, in part, because several plantations were formed near Trinidad. After the slaves were freed in Cuba, many remained in the area and developed a unique Afro-Cuban culture in the process.

2. It is cheap! Your Cuban Dollar will go a lot further in Trinidad. Dinner for three adults, including drinks and food, was under $35 most nights. The city is small, but there are several great food options to choose from.
3. It is close to a great beach! Playa Ancon - one of Havana's most popular beaches is only 10 minutes by taxi from Trinidad. Some people even bike to and from the beach (we were not those people). Playa Ancon has beach chairs and a full restaurant for your convenience.

4. It is a walkable city! Unlike the millions that live in Havana, Trinidad is a small, concentrated town more than a city. Many museums and restaurants in the city are walkable and provide a much-needed break from the city life in Havana.

Parents: You will need a carrier for this town. The streets are cobblestone and uneven so a stroller would cause headaches.

5. It is NOT Havana. While most tourists, especially Americans, visit Havana and Varadero - Trinidad provides a great alternate narrative to your experience in Cuba. The vibe in Trinidad was completely different from Havana!

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