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Black Millennial Motherhood
December 31, 2015
That is a lot to say about millenials. There is less to say about millenial mothers. If you google Black Millenial Motherhood it yeilds scarce results. In fact, on the entire first page of the search only ONE article actually references Black millennial mothers.

Our voice in society is one that is often not heard. Our hopes, dreams, and values tend to get lumped in with our sex and age. Yet, my experience as a married Black woman, in my mid twenties, with a child is important. My daily struggle with the complexities of my identity are worth noting.

The best and saddest example of my life as a Black millennial mom revolves around hair. I transitioned to natural hair in 2010 because I wanted to liberate myself from what I thought was oppressive hair and chemicals that I didn't think were good for my hair or emotional state. My road to being "natural" was actually not bad at all. My husband supported me, along with my friends and family - well most of them.

Just when I felt I was completely comfortable with the hair on my head I learned we were having a a girl and the hair chatter began. What "type" of hair will she have? What side of her family will her hair "come" from? It is a stressful process hearing and thinking about your baby's hair before she is even born. The chatter didn't stop after she was born either. How will you style her hair? Are you washing it enough? Don't forget to oil her scalp!

I have no idea what type or texture of hair my daughter will have - she is only four months! But, I know it matters. In our culture it matters. In my family it matters. It matters because as a Black girl, hair is often the first thing anyone sees. It's not right or wrong — but often times it's the truth.
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Victoria Graham
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