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Pump, InterruptedĀ 
January 2, 2016
The worse part about pumping all the time is when you start to pump and your baby has other plans. Earlier today, I started to pump while our daughter slept in her crib.

I checked on her, calculated she would sleep for another hour or so, and gathered my materials to pump. About five minutes into my pump (a pump session generally last between 10-15 minutes) I hear faint noises on the baby monitor.

I am hoping she is just moving around, but will stay sleep. I was wrong. After about thirty seconds - felt like 30 minutes - I abandon the session and retrieve her from the crib.

I bring her with me, calm her down, and decide to try to finish the pump session. Too late! My breasts thought I was done "feeding," and had moved on to other plans for the day.

Until next time.
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Victoria Graham
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