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Pumping at Work: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
December 11, 2015
I returned to work right around the end of my 12 week FMLA status. This meant that in order to continue providing Vivian with breast milk, I would have to pump at work. This is a rundown of how that has been thus far.

Disclaimer: This is one person's (myself) experience with pumping at work. I do not pretend to share the work pump experience of anyone else.

The Good
I am fortunate enough to have a "designated" nursing room at my workplace. It is only used for nursing/pumping mothers, and incorporates a fairly easy sign-out procedure to ensure security/privacy of those using the room. In a normal day, I pump at work twice. I call it my before lunch and after lunch pumps. Each session consist of about 12 minutes of actual pumping. After I pump, I return the key, place my pumped milk in the frig, and return to working. Although most times I take my computer with me.

The Bad
There is only one nursing room for our entire building, which has hundreds of employees. While grateful for the room, I have had to wait, sometimes as many as thirty minutes to be use the room. In a work day of only 8 hours, and the stigma of working new moms, it can feel like waiting hours. Also, among the sorority of pumpers, there is often little space for dialogue - it's a pump and go mentality.

The Ugly
The nursing room, again while very grateful to have and use was clearly not designed by a nursing or pumping mom. The room consists of a school nurse style bed and a chair separated by half a wall. There is only ONE outlet with a surge protector for use, and only paper towels for clean up. Noticeably absent: a place to clean/wash pumping accessories, a more sterile place to sit and pump/nurse (it doesn't appear that the room is cleaned very often), and more outlets in case more moms want to use the room at once. Also, there is no mirror for moms to double check their wardrobe prior to existing the room. This has caused many ALMOST wardrobe malfunctions, that were caught literally as I opened the door to exit.
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