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The Backstory
December 11, 2015
I am the proud mom of a beautiful baby girl named Vivian. She really is the light of my world, and has added a tremendous amount of value to my life in such a short amount of time. When I was pregnant I had romanticized dreams of Vivian breastfeeding - finding nutritional and emotional comfort in the process.

However, that is not how this story ends. After Vivian was born she didn't exactly "latch." That is to say, she couldn't latch without causing considerable pain, and wasn't yielding much milk for her efforts. This created an upset, hungry baby; and an overwhelmed new mother wondering what was wrong with her. I then made a choice - I would pump. So, from the time Vivian was only a few days old, I pumped to provide milk for her.

As I end my first post I have been pumping for almost four months. It isn't always easy, and the "free" time I lose pumping really does add up. However, I am still on track to reach my one year breastmilk only goal - and that makes it worth all the fuss.
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Victoria Graham
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