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Why Blackish Mom: A Perspective on Intersectionality
February 11, 2017
Many people have asked me why I chose to name my blog The Blackish Mom. Specifically, why the "ish." Much like the hit show that has made the phrase a topic of discussion, the "ish" represents the multiple identities I navigate on a daily basis. The "ish" is for intersectionality.

The "ish" is for my age. I have noticed that many Black millennials, consciously or subconsciously, do not refer to themselves as millennials. Perhaps the term is whitewashed, or the characteristics associated with the term don't align to Black culture - regardless of the age. Yet, I see myself as a millennial. As
the youngest member of my team at work, walking around the grocery store wishing I could get it all delivered, traveling using flight deals to make it more accessible, and paying student loans I inherited in marriage I feel like a millennial trying to navigate challenges the previous generation didn't have (for various valid reasons).

The "ish" is for Texas. I have a love-hate relationship with my home state. On the one hand, it is where I am from and has had a great influence on how I view the world: Friday night lights, creole, Spanglish to name a new. This is quite different from someone on the East Coast, West Coast, or even the Deep South. I acknowledge these differences, especially when discussing things such social justice causes, politics, or the definition of trap music. On the other (closer to hate) side, I live in a state that is majority people of color, except at the highest levels of state government. I also live in a state that reduced
access to safe abortions, didn't expand medical insurance access under the Affordable Care Act, and has one of the worst school funding models for public education in the entire country. My affinity for the place I was raised and will raise my daughter is complex, to say the least.

The "ish" is for my views on parenting and motherhood. In a world where Black women breastfeeding is not the norm, and the idea that your child is given choices is taboo to many Big Mamas – I think it is critical to provide an authentic representation of the type of mother and parent I want to be. One that balances good parenting hacks for getting kids to eat more vegetables with making sure my daughter sees herself in media, toys, and books from an early age. I balance her hair expectations with wanting her to see the world and understand her place in it. I temper expectations of pink tutus but keep the tiaras because why not. Ultimately, as a mother I want our daughter to grow up understanding her value and worth is NOT determined by marital status or how a man will treat her, but by the worth she assigns herself.

The "ish" is for my culture. The Blackish Mom was created to provide the space for diverse and unique perspectives on race, marriage, and motherhood within and outside the Black community. I refuse to be put in a box, and I won't allow my thoughts and experiences to be labeled and fit to a mold I didn’t authorize or create. I want The Blackish Mom to celebrate the beauty in my black millennial motherhood journey.


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