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Your Rights as a Breastfeeding and/or Pumping Mother
January 9, 2017
It is important for all new moms to fully understand your rights as a proud breastfeeding and/or pumping mother. While much has been done in the last fifty years to advance breastmilk, none more in a single day than when the Affordable Care Act was signed (Yes – the bill Republicans are trying to repea and maybe replace). Moving swiftly from that topic below is a rundown of your federal protections, some
good to know things, and resources if you are having issues finding balance with breastfeeding or pumping.

Additional State (Texas) Provisions
No added provisions by the state of Texas. All current state language is now currently consistent with federal policy.

Good To Know
The new federal law does not designate a time other than reasonable. This is important because not all mothers nurse or pump for the same amount of time to yield their desired output. I would talk to your supervisor and explain what your pump schedule with them even prior to returning to work.

While the law states the pumping room cannot be a bathroom, it doesn’t state the minimum conditions of the room. A good pumping room should have adequate light, ventilation, and working electrical outlets for moms who use electric pumps.

  • Electric pumps: The Affordable Care act covers the cost of a base model electric pump. I used this and was shipped a base Medela pump in a week. It was a lifesaver!
  • Lactation: Consultation: The same Affordable Care Act covers up to six hours of lactation consultation with trained professionals. My advice would be to go to a highly rated hospital to ensure you get the free coverage.
  • More information can be found here and here.
Nice to Have·
Not all pumping or lactation rooms are created equal. Here are some nice to haves if you are able to have them
  • Pumping Room Glam
    • Comfortable chair(s) or seating arrangement
    • Electrical outlets
    • A place to store expressed milk (may be outside
      pumping room)
    • Sink
    • Paper towels and/or napkins
    • Full-length mirror
    • Clothes rack
Online Resources

In person (Houston area) resources
The Lactation Foundation: https://med.uth.edu/lactation-foundation/
Texas Lactation Consultants: http://www.texaslactationconsultants.com/
Texas Children’s Hospital: https://www.texaschildrens.org/departments/lactation-support-services
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