Event Spotlight: Dare 2 Aspire Conference

June 12, 2017
After more than 7 years in Atlanta, the Dare 2 Aspire Conference is coming to Houston! The one-day conference, which includes brunch, focuses on empowering women of color through entrepreneurship and networking.

The event will honor several Houston area women including LaTavia Robinson, who will serve as the conference keynote!

Other speakers include:
Miss MykieDenise WedderburnLydia EvansKia ReneeErin CreeksBrittany KingKecia JohnsonMonique "Moe" Hobbs The Blackish Mom will b...

5 Reasons You Should Visit Trinidad, Cuba!

June 12, 2017
From the first time I researched Cuba and discovered Trinidad I knew I had to visit. Here are the top 5 reasons why:

1. It is the African hub for Cuba. I make it a personal mission to research the influences MY ancestors had on places I visit around the world, and through this research, I learned Trinidad was a major port during the slave trade, in part, because several plantations were formed near Trinidad. After the slaves were freed in Cuba, many remained in the area and developed a un...

Havana Beaches

May 5, 2017
The beach is my happy place. It is an endless reminder of the beauty of God and all that he created. The waves, the sand, the sound – I live for it. We were in Cuba for 7 days and we went to the beach four times! Havana itself sits on the coast, but doesn’t have a beach. However, there are two close by (less than 30 minutes), and Varadero (about 2 hours away).

Santa Maria Beach
This beach is less than 30 minutes from Havana. Round trip taxi for all four of us was $40 dollars. Ofte...

Cuba Part 2: Havana

April 13, 2017
Havana...where do I start. The best way I can describe Havana is New York City without Times Square and Miami with South Beach. Millions of people trying to navigate their country's political system, provide for their family, and find peace with their existence. Sound familiar?

Havana was the first city I ever traveled to and FELT like an American, the capitalist blood running through my veins. I lost track of the #travelsnob moments I encountered when expected "luxuries" were not afford...
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